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My name is Margaret Stockdale and before you view my gallery pages I hope you can take the time to read the history about myself. 


I was always drawing and painting as a child.  I won my first Art Prize at 7 or 8 years of age.  I was an Advanced Art student throughout High School.

In my early teens I became totally obsessed with horses.  Soon after, I met my future husband at a rodeo.  After our marriage, we followed the Professional Rodeo Circuit in Australia for many years, my husband being a Champion Bareback Rider. He is featured in the Stockmanís Hall Of Fame, Longreach. QLD.  We spent a year in USA, still involved with rodeo.  During this period, my art endeavours were minimal.  After retiring from the rodeo life, I began to pursue my interest in art.  I entered my first major Art Show and took out a top award.  This provided the encouragement I needed to keep going.  I began working with pastels and also doing graphite drawings.  My focus was on portraiture.  I received many commissions for children and adult portraits at this time.

I pursued Tonal Impressionism for some time, before settling into Tonal Realism.  I was now focusing on painting Still Life, and Plein Air Landscapes to hone my technique.  I completed a part time TAFE course in painting and drawing in 1998.  I also taught art privately for some time until my poor health made teaching impossible.  I still miss the interaction with students.

I now use oils for painting and graphite pencils for drawing, as I feel I can achieve a greater depth of sensitivity using these media.  I enjoy the expressive quality of oil paint, and the tonal strength that can be achieved by using graphite pencils.


Subject M

I decided to concentrate on my favourite subject, horses.  Equine portraits are now the main focus of my artworks, but I also enjoy depicting cattle.  I love being around the animals collecting reference material to work from, I would spend enormous amounts of time with them if I could.  It is that connection I feel with the animals that I attempt to infuse into my artworks of them.

I paint what I love, and I hope that passion translates into the portraits.

I am passionate about all horses, particularly their welfare and am drawn to the methods of the horse whisperers and their philosophies.  I hate all forms of cruelty.  I try to promote gentleness and kindness.  I do love the Western Breeds of horses, especially the beautiful American Paint Horse.

It can be a real challenge to paint them well, but worth the effort.

I have serious health issues, this limits my output, but my art helps me to focus on something positive and keeps me motivated.  I feel blessed to have this gift that can uplift others and is of such enormous benefit to my life as well.  I am most grateful. 



I have won numerous (between 40-50) art prizes and contests over the time Iíve been producing artworks, this despite limited showing due to my ill health.  I canít recall having entered an art show and not taking home a prize.  Two very memorable wins were the Northern Daily Leader Art Prize, a prestigious regional award, and the Central Coast Health Award, Gosford.  NSW.

Iíve also won a number of online art contests for painting and photography.  One of these was a juried oil painting contest in New York.

Iíve held one solo Art Exhibition at the Gloucester, NSW, regional gallery in 2008, which was very popular. 




I live with my husband Kevin, and our whippet, Chloe on a farm in the Krambach area, situated on the Mid North Coast of NSW.  A beautiful area, Iím surrounded by cattle and horses.  Lots of inspiration. 



Having studied the work of many and varied artists over the years, including the old masters, the impressionists, and the Meldrum school, my present interest lies with American Western Art.  The horses, the cattle, the Native American art, I guess Iím just a western girl at heart.  After all, I married a cowboy didnít I?



My greatest desire regarding my artwork is to be able to reach my full potential despite my physical limitations, to leave a lasting impression on those who enjoy my work, and to focus attention on the beauty and majesty of Godsí wonderful creations. 


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Margaret Stockdale

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